Solid 🛰️ voyager news

Nobody beats the Anton news 💛❤️ voyager one and two flying along planets and belts. Bless all the teams, scientists and money investor’s (governments) that made this ultra special mission possible. Hubble is just behind this mission.


The Milky Way 📡 Black Hole 📡 Finally “Photographed” 📡

Astroids, What NASA saw.

The NASA Dawn Probe’s stunning findings around the dwarf planet Ceres and the protoplanet 4 Vesta. A complete recap of the Dawn mission.

Nikola Tesla

The Man, Myth, and the Conspiracy by Mr.Mythos. Nikola Tesla, one of the most prolific inventors of the 20th century, was the definition of a mad genius. We’ll learn of his 3-6-9 code to unlocking the universe, his communications with extraterrestrials, his harnessing of ancient Hindu metaphysics, and his late-life romance with a pigeon… and…

Why We May Not Be Alone ⭐

NASA Chief Scientist Dr. James L. Green joins John Michael Godier on Event Horizon to discuss just how NASA is currently searching for life beyond Earth in space and time. How NASA searches for life. The search for life continues the news that methane has been discovered in the plumes of Enceladus.

Is TikTok really destroying a generation?

I personally use(d) TikTok on and off. But I cannot claim it is that addictive. Sure I did see these tik’s in children and I found a lot of toxic content on this platform. If I compare this with other social media or games I am afraid I have to conclude it is all more…