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At the Special Take network we share bits and bytes because we think it is good fun. Yes, of course, it might all be just hilarious hearsay. We try our best to be educational and eye opening in an, hopefully, entertaining and respectful way.

We are a group of creative, positive and constructive like-minded souls. We share at the online production studio Special Take since 2018.

Always feel welcome here and have a warm stay! In other words we do our best to share positively so please sit back and enjoy!🙏💛

But yes, it is true what they say about us! We can be sarcastic idiots. All we know is that we hope that U are able to pick the fruits of our hard work. Take what U want and leave behind the rest. Always walk away as a winner with a kind and decent smile.

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Welcome to the ALPHA TEAM 😎👍
Welcome to the ALPHA TEAM