Easter island

Is this the final home of the Giza pyramid builders? Dr. Charles Kos makes his report on youtube:

Double-slit experiment

In modern physics, the double-slit experiment is a demonstration that light and matter can display characteristics of both classically defined waves and particles; moreover, it displays the fundamentally probabilistic nature of quantum mechanical phenomena. The original experiment was performed by Davisson and Germer in 1927. and

Royal Palace Bangkok @Night (part 1)

His Majesty King Maha Vajiralongkorn Bodindradebayavarangkun has graciously granted his permission for and open day at the Thai Royal Palace @ Bangkok. Thank you Majesty, it was a great day and i never have seen so many beautiful people and clothes in one day! Also i learned a lot about the history of Thailand. Amazing,…

Favorite painting of the week

Now i do my very best to find original art here in Thailand.  This painting is the best i found this week. The friends of the painter told me it is for sale so drop me a line if u want the original. It is an oil painting, quite nice rough but still abstract and…

Earths magnetic 🌎 pole on a run 

“The magnetic pole is moving so quickly that it has forced the world’s geomagnetism experts into a rare move,” Nature reports. No panic people, move along, nothing to see here. It is normal for poles to shift or even flip. It has happened many times in earths history… only mammals seem to have a bit…